Advantages of Outsourcing a Virtual Receptionist

The most obvious causes of business failure are poor preparation, poor time management, poor customer service, lack of capital, and little or no advertising to market the small business. Why do so many businesses that have perfected the above circumstances fail? The answer may lie in something so fundamental as to be easily overlooked: good business communication. Regardless of a superb business model, adequate funding, and general commitment, a business is at risk of failing if they are ineffective at acquiring new customers. So, it is essential to outsource a virtual receptionist instead of the in-house receptionist due to several benefits. Let’s take a look at the benefits below.

Virtual Receptionist

Prevents Any Business Lost

Almost all startups can’t afford to hire a full-time receptionist at the beginning of their new small business, so these entrepreneurs resort to making inbound phone calls. There are many problems with this option, such as creating a very small company image, losing customers, and a complete waste of time spent setting up and running the new company. A proven remedy to this difficulty can often be something as simple as hiring a virtual receptionist service.

Cuts Some Business Expenses

This is much cheaper than hiring a part-time secretary. Hiring one will cost you as much as two or three thousand dollars a month. This will not consider the fact that they receive health benefits, paid vacation and sick time. There aren’t many companies that can get calls on the order of 400 a month, but even if they did, it would only cost about $600 a month.

Maintains the Corporate Image

Virtual ReceptionistThe next benefit of outsourcing a virtual receptionist would be the corporate image. Nothing screams that you’re a small business like an answering service, or worse, an answering service that hangs up the phone in the middle of the workday. People judge you for such small things, and you want to take it very hard. Having a secretary, or perhaps an electronic secretary gives the image of a competent and efficient company.

Gains More Customers

Excellent customer service will undoubtedly help stem the decline of new customers. When new customers need support, especially companies like construction, lawyers, and health care, customers need to be the center of attention immediately; even if they leave a message on an answering machine, they will almost certainly hang up and call another competitor who can answer the phone live. Whoever answers will almost always get the deal hands down.

Frees Up Your Time

Virtual receptionist providers can save you time, so you can stop using an overpaid in-house receptionist and focus on what’s important, building your organization and focusing on the things that add profit. The answering service can take calls and answer basic questions about your services, such as giving directions, operating hours, and scheduling appointments or consultations. The service can determine if a call should be transferred to you, so you can spend time on the phone with people who need your attention.

Many providers can also handle tasks, accept reservations, and discipline particularly complex calls through menu-driven technology, making it almost impossible to tell that they’re not talking to a real office. Sometimes saving money is what will cost you the most, and in fact, the savings often outweigh the cost significantly. Whether it’s Fortune 500 companies or small one-person operations, you’ll find tens and tens of thousands of companies using live call services to grow their business, improve cash flow, enhance their image and free up valuable time.…

A Look at the Common Types and Flavors of Coffee

According to, for many people now, coffee is an essential drink of their lives. But how did folks get in the habit of drinking it, and where did all of the kinds of coffee we like today arise from? Below we take a look at the various types and flavors of cup

Turkish Coffee

coffeeThe first reliable documents of coffee drinking come out of 15th-century Yemen. Coffee became remarkably popular among the Arabs and in the Ottoman empire. In reality, it was introduced into Central Europe after the Turks were defeated at the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

The supplies of the Ottoman Empire military comprised substantial amounts of these beans. The coffee is ground to a very fine powder. It’s then blended with nearly boiling water, and put on a heating source till it boils. The coffee is removed from the heat, when it comes to the boil, to stop it from boiling over. This approach is repeated, normally around 3 times.

French Press Coffee

Steeping is a comparatively straightforward way of making coffee that creates a fantastic brew easily with no need for complex equipment. The following step entails dividing the grounds in the liquid, which means it is possible to enjoy your hot aromatic beverage with no disgusting coffee powder stuck on your throat. This is normally done with a French press. This really is a cylindrical shaped glass kettle, using a plunger, using a metal or nylon mesh filter in the base. As soon as you believe the coffee has steeped indoors, you push the grounds using the plunger, which means that you can pour the liquid off while still remains of the coffee remain in the base.


The Italians were likely the first Europeans to come in touch with coffee, the town of Venice was a hub of commerce with Arabs. The most important object of this transaction had spices, from India and Southeast Asia, which left Venice fabulously wealthy, but coffee was also traded. The strain makes extracting solids and oils from the coffee beans really effective. A cup of espresso has much more caffeine, by quantity, compared to drip coffee. But it’s drunk in substantially smaller quantities.…

Tips on Making Money Blogging

For some people, blogging is a hobby, while for others, blogging is a way to generate extra online income. If you want to blog as a business, it is essential to understand how it comes. You need to have a proper plan so that you can generate enough income.

The difference between bloggers who make money and those who do not is all about strategy. When blogging as a business, put in the work, and with the time, you will start seeing some results. Here are some tips to help you make money with blogging:

Blog About Something You Like or Know

When blogging for money, choose something that you are passionate about. If you are a hiking enthusiast, you can start blogging about hiking. You need to have some interest in what you are blogging about so that you do not get bored along the way.

Your readers will see the passion through your writing and will be more willing to read your website in the future. If you don’t know the subject that you are writing about, then it will be difficult to write and even gain the readership that you are looking for.

Create Helpful Content

Creating a website is just the first step. The second step is to make sure that you create helpful content. You need to create content that will offer solutions to your readers. Your readers need to find whatever they are looking for when they visit your website.

The content should also be interesting to make your readers come back to read your website. Your website should offer solutions, and it should be interesting to read.

Blog Regularly

It is important to blog regularly. Once you gain a decent readership, keep the visitors in your website update. Try and create a blogging schedule so that you can keep your readers informed.

You need to blot at least once every week so that you can keep your readers coming. Once you create a blogging schedule, your readers will develop trust in you as a reliable source of information.


Monetize Your Blog

Knowing how to monetize your blog is essential. You need to know the various avenues to bring money in your blog. One of the ways to monetize your blog is to advertise.

Placing banners in your website will earn you some revenues. You can also earn some money from affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you can get some income from it.…

Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is not new. However, in the recent months, it has become even more popular as a means of promoting weight loss. The keto diet has been utilized for many years mostly in clinics and hospitals as part of the treatment plan for kids and adults suffering from life-threatening diseases like epilepsy among others. The ketogenic diet is very strict and requires you to take only twenty-five grams of carbs, twenty grams of protein and then fat for the remaining portion of about fifty to sixty percent. The keto diet is meant to change our bodies from using carbs as fuel to ketones. Presented below are the benefits of a ketogenic diet.

Suppresses Appetite

Hunger is among the many reasons why people give up with their diets. The best thing about low carb diets is that they will suppress your appetite. Studies reveal that if you reduce your carbohydrate intake and include more protein and fat in your diet, you will end up consuming fewer calories. If you intend to suppress appetite, then a keto diet will help you do it safely.

lose weight

Weight Loss

Cutting down your carbohydrate intake is a simple and effective way to lose weight. It’s true that those on a low carb diet will lose weight quicker than those on a low-fat diet. The primary reason is that a low carb diet helps your body to get rid of excess water from the body. A ketogenic diet will lower your insulin levels helping your kidney to shed excess sodium and promote rapid weight loss within the first or second week of sticking to the diet.

Controls Blood Sugar

Ketogenic diets will naturally lower your blood sugar because of the type of foods you eat. In fact, the keto diet will effectively help you to manage diabetes, unlike low-calorie diets. If you are suffering from type two diabetes or you are a pre-diabetic, you should seriously consider turning to a ketogenic diet. A huge fraction diabetes patients will reveal to you that keto diets have helped them control their blood sugar with lots of success.

Enhanced Mental Focus

Most people have turned to the ketogenic diet to improve their mental focus. The ugly truth is that ketones act as fuel for the brain. Lowering your carb intake will help you sidestep huge spikes in blood sugar that will improve your mental focus as well as concentration. Research shows that fatty acids impact positively on your brain function.


Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance can cause type 2 diabetes if left unattended. It’s true that a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet will help you to lower your insulin levels to healthy levels. Even if you are athletic, you can still switch to a keto diet to optimize insulin activity by eating foods rich in omega three fatty acids.

Before you turn to a keto diet, you need to plan. What you eat will depend on how fast you require your body to switch to the ketogenic state. The more you exclude carbs from your diet, the faster your body will enter ketosis.…

Professional conduct and etiquette

Construction defects have become rampant, and this has seen an increase in the number attorneys that are conversant with construction law. When you are a victim of a defectively installed stucco, then it is comprehensible to pursue a Lawyer that is familiar with stucco lawsuits and can thereby utilize his skills zealously in the interest of his clients. By and large, such a suit will be anchored upon professional negligence, and in this case, the plaintiff will need to present substantive evidence showing that the defendant is liable for damages. Liability and damages are therefore tantamount to such a suit, and it is the responsibility of your attorney to present a compelling case that will guarantee an adequate and fitting settlement.statue

In this regard, it is important to understand the concept of professional conduct and etiquette because this area of law represents a fundamental armpit of a claim of professional negligence. Professional misconduct is simply a violation of the rules that are stipulated in a statute and a code of conduct. However professional misconduct must be differentiated from unprofessional conduct because the latter refers to the moral turpitude of an advocate. Professional conduct is crucial because the legal profession is charged with a public service responsibility.

The following example amount to professional misconduct;

Absence of a practicing certificate

This is a regulation that has been put in place to inhibit the legal profession from fraudulent persons that impersonate lawyers. Therefore any person that purports to practice law without acquisition of a valid practicing certificate is guilty of an offense and thereby liable to legal penalties and repercussions. Therefore lawyers must always renew their license in order to absolve themselves from such professional misconduct.

Conflict of interest

balanceIt is a professional misconduct for an attorney to retain his services in a matter that he has interests in. An attorney is required to withdraw his services whenever he feels that he can no longer advance the interests of his client. The attorney has an ethical duty to inform his client of his conflict as soon as it emerges. It is professionally desirable that a lawyer is always independent, objective and loyal to his client throughout the proceedings.


Undercutting is the act of offering legal services for a fee that is lower than that prescribed in the remuneration regime which governs a particular jurisdiction. The rationale behind this provision is that lawyers are meant to secure clients based on the quality of their services and not their financial specifications.