Things to Do During National Joke Day

National Joke Day is a holiday celebrated on August 16. There are no official Congressional records, nor Presidential proclamations, to suggest when this annual holiday started. While we know it has been celebrated for a while now, the actual origin of National Joke Day is virtually unknown. As the name implies, this holiday is all about jokes and telling jokes, and you can get a glimpse of it by visiting It is a celebration that should not be taken too seriously; it is a good day to have fun! Below are some of the activities to celebrate National Joke Day.

Watch a Live Comedy


One of the great ways to celebrate National Joke Day is to head out to a comedy club in your area, support the club and its comedians, and get a hearty dose of laughter while you’re at it. Perhaps it is a local, small club with up-and-coming comedians or an established business that attracts top talent. Either way, your support means we’ll have a steady stream of one-liners rolling out for years to come.

Learn a Joke

laughing kidsA good joke is a lot harder than memorizing a few words. It takes timing, reading your audience, delivery, articulation, and experience. So, why not take this holiday as an opportunity to learn – and practice – a joke? Consider the context you might use, practice the delivery, and test it out with your friends. If it floats, you’ve got a joke in your back pocket you can pull out at any awkward dinner party.

Take a Break from the News

In today’s life cycle, it is sometimes overwhelming to try to keep up. For one day on August 16, perhaps try avoiding the news, and instead, read humor pieces in any of the country’s leading newspapers. Or, you can, of course, find the internet’s best comedy on sites like Reddit, Buzzfeed, or any of your preferred sources. Who knows what could be accomplished if we all shared an excellent sidesplitting laugh, even if just for a day.…

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